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Project Description
Syncronizes NNTP groups with SharePoint lists and offers post/reply capability. Sets item date as post date and attempts to lookup user in local directory. A webpart is also provided to access news lists cross-site.

This code was written 2 years ago and was one of the first projects I had learning SharePoint so bare with me :)


  • Creates a main "Newsgroups" lists where you enter nntp server info and the groups name you would like to sync
    • A timer runs ever 5 mins on this list and creates a new list based of the nntp newsgroup (if it does not exist) then syncs items into the new list
  • You can post and reply to the nntp group from within SharePoint
  • Lists can then be indexed by SharePoint (the search engine can't search nntp directly)
  • Item created date is equal to post date
  • Item created by tries to find the user within your organization based on the email address
  • A webpart project is also included but needs some tweaking to run in your environment


  • Uses the nntp lib found here:
  • Does not thread so the intitial sync of many groups will take a few days
  • Works on 2010 and 2007

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